For Investors

The technical-utility state of the property

The undeveloped land property.

The location of the zone:

  • Podkarpackie Province,
  • Krosno District,
  • Chorkówka Commune,
  • Szczepańcowa Village.

The description of property

The zone covers the land of about 20 hectares, which is located in the north-west part of Chorkówka Commune in Szczepańcowa Village. It nearly borders on Krosno and the area of the airport. The area included in the investment are so called classless lands or the low-class lands (V, VI), nowadays unused in agriculture. The flat terrain - the maximum difference in levels is about 2 meters. The groundwater are located 2,5 meters deep. The rainwater is discharged into the local drainage ditches. There are groups of buildings of production, storage and service character located in the north part of the area, near Lotników Street and the south-west part of the area.

Around the buildings there is also a large above and underground network of technical infrastructure equipment. To the east part of the zone there is a watercourse which discharges the rainwater from the neighbouring green areas. On the discussed above terrain there are no tall trees, there is only 'low' greenery. There are no ecological restrictions (including protected areas and Natura 2000), which was confirmed by the mayor of Chorkówka Commune in the decision concerning environmental factors of the permission for the project implementation. The investment plots are not protected according to the conservation regulations.

The terrain fittings

The plots are equipped with the following technical infrastructure:

  • the network of internal roads (the length of 1,7 km, the width of 6 m and the KR4 load category),
  • a possibility of connecting to the power line - two transformer stations,
  • water supply network,
  • storm and sewage sewer system,
  • a possibility of connecting to the fibre-optic cable,
  • a possibility of connecting to the gas network,
  • the area of the zone is fenced and monitored.

The property purpose

According to the spatial development plan (Resolution No. XXXII/192/13 of the Commune Chorkówka Council from April 25th, 2013) the area is allocated for productive activity, services, commercial activity, storage and stock activity.