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The Investment Zone of Innovative Technologies “Szczepańcowa – Lotnisko” (IZIT “Szczepańcowa – Lotnisko”) is an offer directed above all towards dynamic companies, as well as the young companies looking for various possibilities of support their development. Its primary aim is to create beneficial conditions of being a part of the zone as well as to obtain for cooperation these companies which choose progress and modernity.

IZIT supports creating flexible, universal networks of business links and development of cooperation between companies and research institutions. Thanks to that, IZIT contributes to stimulating local entrepreneurship, reviving economic activity of the region and increasing the efficiency of interregional cooperation.

The IZIT mission is to create the most modern offer in accordance with the European Union standards, which would allow entrepreneurs for leading and developing the economic activity as the strategic, long-term and beneficial socially business.

IZIT was created in 2014 thanks to the funding from the European Union in the frame of The Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland (Action 1.3 Supporting Innovations).

The area of the zone covers 20 hectares allotted for trade, services, manufacturing and warehouse activity without a right for building development.

One of the initiative in the frame of the Zone is The Entrepreneurship Centre created for the Investment Zone of Innovative Technologies “Szczepańcowa – Lotnisko” in Krosno, offers the support for entrepreneurs and persons, who are going to start the business activity.

In addition, in the area of Zone will be launch the business incubator with headquarter in Chorkówka, which will offer the rent of surfaces and other support for entrepreneurs.